Payment of your contracted fee is expected at the time of service or beforehand, unless other arrangements are made in advance. My rate per 55-minute session is 110.00. You may pay by cash, check or credit card at the office or via PayPal here

I currently participate with Blue Cross and some insurance plans that are Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  

In addition, many insurance companies will reimburse you (as out of network services) for at least part of the session fee—if not a significant part. You will be provided a bill of service that includes my license number, EIN and services rendered that you can use to request reimbursement from your insurance company. I am also willing to file your out of network claims for you.  

You are encouraged to call your insurance company to inquire as to whether you may be reimbursed, the number of sessions included in your plan and any other relevant information. I am also willing to inquire for you upon your request.

If you are unable to access my services due to financial reasons, we can discuss your situation and talk about options, such as use of a sliding fee or community programs (i.e. contracts I have with orgs to provide services that you may qualify for).

Phone calls, e-mails, Court appearances and other services, such as writing letters to the Courts, schools or other requests that take more than 10 minutes, are billed at a rate of 110.00/hr.  These services are billed in 15-minute increments.  

Payment schedule:  

110.00-  approximate 55-minute therapy session

150.00 – approximate 1.5-hour session at once

200.00 for approximate 2-hour session at once

90.00 for 1.5-hour initial Intake for Parent Support/Coaching Call

60.00 approximate 60-minute Parent Support/Coaching Call

45.00 for approximate 45-minute Parent Support/Coaching Call

30.00 for approximate 30-minute Parent Support/Coaching Call

Custody Evaluations – cost is approximately 6,000.00.  Testimony is an additional charge – charged per 4 hours per half day at 500.00 and 150.00 per additional hour thereafter. Travel expenses are an additional fee. 

ATTENTION Adoptive Parents:

You are entitled to receive a minimum of five months of post adoption services in the State of PA

How do I qualify?

Any parent who has adopted a child (both domestic and international) at any time in the past and currently live in the state of PA qualify. 

What do I do to receive this service?

If you are interested in receiving services, parents must complete an intake/assessment through SWAN or Jewish Family Services to become eligible for specialized, in-home services. The contact person and number at J.F.S. is Rachel Kohr at 717-233-1681. The process takes between 2 -3 weeks and you will be able to work with someone who has specialized training in working with adoptive families and attachment and trauma issues.  Pam Moran is a provider for this program.