Are you and your partner constantly bickering? Is the sizzle gone from your relationship? Do you feel like you’re on the brink of breaking up? Does your relationship seem broken and you don’t know how to fix it? Perhaps your not sure if your current relationship has what it takes to make it long term. Couples therapy can be very effective, whether it is to restore or repair your relationship or to overcome even the most difficult challenges that you now face.  

You deserve to have an amazing relationship and sex life!  When a relationship is healthy, partners provide each other with the strength, support, love and sense of freedom needed to go out and do and be all that they can be in the world, knowing that their partner in life is in full support of life interests and adventures and will be there when needed. Each provides a secure base for the other.  

Some of the issues that may be addressed in our work together include:

  • Effective communication  - resolving arguments and miscommunications, communicating your needs and wants and asking for a change from your partner

  • Gaining an understanding of the differences between men and women, such as in how they communicate, their differing needs and ways they each best respond.   

  • Learning to identify and respond to underlying fears, needs and wants instead of staying locked in unending conflicts about the surface issues that never seem to get resolved.

  • Bringing emotional, physical and sexual intimacy (back) to the relationship

  • Learning how your partner most feels loved and cherished and providing that to him or her.  

  • Resolving deep hurts that are tearing your relationship apart.  

  • Creating shared life goals

Some of the most common reasons couples seek therapy are infidelity, considering divorce, sexual concerns, loss of attraction, money, disagreements about parenting, healing after a trauma or simply not getting along.