I work with parents, starting prenatally, to create a strong family where enduring relationship are established and thrive. When we build strong connections with our children, it allows us to guide them throughout childhood and into becoming emotionally healthy adults. It is the strong connections we make with our children, early on, that lay the foundation for their lifelong emotional regulation and well-being, and hence, positive behaviors, responsible behavior, self-confidence, resiliency and healthy relationships with others.  

I am seasoned working with families of children who display a range of severe behavioral issues and social and emotional struggles. Some of these children have received multiple diagnosis and prescription medications throughout their childhoods. Their symptoms often meet the criteria for what seems like an alphabet soup of diagnosis including ODD, ADHD, ADD, autism spectrum disorder, bi-polar, depression, conduct disorder, RAD and various anxiety disorders.  

I can help you take the struggle out of parenting and replace it with the joy that you and your family deserves and have so very much wanted and looked forward to in raising children.