Pam Moran is creating transformative growth, healing and paradigm change for individuals, parents, families and organizations. Her treatment approaches are Trauma-Informed, Relationally-Focused and Evidence-Based.



Trauma affects our brains, behaviors and relationships in ways that are often not understood and frequently misinterpreted. I provide guidance and support, empowering you to form new, positive connections that affect on behaviors, thoughts and emotional and physical regulation.



Healing best occurs within relationships, whether with that of a therapist, life partner, parent, teacher or other important person in one’s life. Children’s brains require meaningful sensory input, including consistent attuning and sensitive care to grow and develop optimally.

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There are many treatments that fail to create any real or lasting change for children, adults and families. All treatment should be based on changing the structure and function of the brain. We know that repetition of positive environment and relationship changes the brain.

“When the heart and mind are united, anything is possible." 

In order to create any new change or habit, we must look to both the brain and its thoughts, as well as our heart and its emotions. We must strengthen our capacity to use both in coordination with the other and our hands for implementing what we learn from this balance. We must also get in tune with our unique spirituality or meaningfulness in our lives by developing or strengthening our “sense of self.”  We must move through the process of awareness and change so that we may return to the authentic selves we were meant to be in this world. 

As we move through the years attempting to fit in with society as we believe we should, many of us may lose our authentic selves little by little. Or, we may rebel so much over the years in an attempt to keep our authentic selves, that we go overboard, losing ourselves anyways.  

I am here to help you to find your authentic self again—to get in tune with your feelings, thoughts and intuition, put what you learn into action and create a life that is filled with joy. Please feel free to explore the site and learn more about how I can support you in creating the change and growth that you desire.  

I am honored to support you and your family in the unique process of bringing joy, meaningfulness, calm, contentedness, authenticity, peace and sense of self to your life. It is not only possible with the right treatment, commitment and courage, but it is your innate birthright to step into all that you are!  The world is missing out on all that you were meant to be!  

I invite you to call or e-mail to schedule a 15-minute consult to determine if I may be the right fit for you.