Pam provides training, seminars and consultation on topics, such as Education, Child Welfare, Foster Care and Adoption, Legal and other human services related agencies and organizations.  

Some of the Seminars that she has presented include:

  • Stress, Trauma and the Secret Life of Your Child: Parenting from a New Understanding

  • Effective Strategies for Severe Behaviors in Children

  • Rx for Healing: Creating the 24/7 Therapeutic Environment

  • Creating the Therapeutic Environment in the Classroom

  • Addressing the Ten Most Important Needs of Foster and Adoptive Children

  • Tears and Tantrums: How to be with Babies and Children

  • First Steps: Building Family Attachments

  • Introduction to Conscious, Unconditional Parenting / Raising Children for Emotional Health

  • Simple Science-Backed Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Brain

  • All About Sleep

  • The Wise Up Program: Are They Your REAL Parents?  How to Deal with Those Difficult and/or Bothersome Questions!

Pam can create a program to meet your organization's unique needs. She is most knowledgeable about topics pertaining to:

  • Trauma-informed care and treatment

  • Attachment throughout the lifespan

  • Child development

  • Treating, responding to and transforming severe behaviors

  • Any and all things parenting

  • Issues of divorce